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The Road – A Path to Discovering Your Freedom

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Finding your Passions and Following Your Dreams.

If there is one thing that I could tell the world and that world would listen, it would be to learn to live a life of adventure. To live a life (even if it is just for a little bit) where they are able to break free from the norm and venture out into the world around them. Whether if it’s 2 days out of the month or they make it a way of life, hit the road, hop a train and go see the world, the insights and ways of life learned from exploration and travel are unparalleled. It’s a life that you cannot find in a photo, a story or from an article like this one, it’s a life that can only be found in an experience. You don’t need much money, you don’t even need a car, but you do need the personal drive and fortitude to take that step outside of the box. Once you do I can guarantee you, you’ll find a new perspective, a more open-mind and you’ll be in direct touch with who you are and how you were meant to live.

When I was 15 years old I read a book called the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It was about a young man, Santiago, who had a dream so powerful he had to follow it. At first his journey had many doors open for him; however, right around the corner he hit obstacle after obstacle to the point where he found himself far from home wondering if he should give up on his dream and stop believing in himself or continue in having faith in his dream and take a the next step. At 15 this book made sense to me and now at 35 I know it to be very true.

It was then, at 15, I decided the first thing I would do was hit the road and live a different way of life. It didn’t matter what it took or how I did it, I was going to see the world be free and learn the strange wisdom of the road.

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking in any way this sounds like something you want to do I would like to invite you in to make a small commitment and challenge. It involves 3 very simple things and I guarantee if you do it an follow through with it it will be a window to a new level of happiness in your life.

1- Pull out a map

Right now wherever you are I want you to get that primal taste of adventure in your pallet and look at a map of the world and pick a place. Pick the first place that comes to on that map.

That place is your goal. That place is where you’re going to be in in a year from now.

Then I want you to take another look at that map and zoom in right around where you are right now. Within 50 miles of where you are now I want you to pick another place, and that is where you’re going to go as soon as you can make it there.

2- Save a $5 bill

Everyday I want you to save a $5 bill. If you don’t live in the USA, save the equivalent of that. Put it in a jar or somewhere safe and start to build a travel fund. Now saving money is somewhat of an art in itself but you have got to commit to it. The main thing with the $5 bill is that it is a small daily investment that you can make to have a pretty damn amazing experience. After 30 days you’re going to have $150 saved towards your trip. You can use that money once a month or save it for the year, but use that money in the name of adventure and exploration.

3- Take 2 days every month and go somewhere

It doesn’t need to be wild and crazy, think less money and more exploration. It doesn’t really matter where you live within 20-30 miles there is some place you have never been. The less you have with you the better. If you want to cut costs, the first 2 things you can do is take all luxury out of it. Get a cheap motel, couch surf or make a friend. If you don’t want to spend the gas money take a chance and take a bus, train or look on craigslist.com trying to hitch a ride. The goal is to spend some times with yourself, your loved one or family. That is it. Step outside of the box, see something new and connect to a new environment and way of life for a few days.

Passions, dreams and ambition work in mysterious ways, they pull from the deepest parts of ourselves, keep us awake at night and give a stage to the nagging voice within us. They’re allusive and can be confusing at times. Until they are pursued, lived and fulfilled our life’s true meaning will never let us truly rest. The quickest way to get in touch with that voice is when you set off on an adventure.

Today my life is good. I am relaxed, I work from home and have business I run from my home with my girlfriend, Maria. Expression, living a good life and being healthy are my only real goals. I truly believe that life for me would not be this clear and possible without getting in touch with that side of me that found its voice in the spirit of adventure. Find yours now!

Steve MayedaThe Road – A Path to Discovering Your Freedom

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