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Podcast Clip | The Mentality of Failure | Ed Aiken

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The Mentality of Failure | Man at War

Ed Aiken & Steve Mayeda on the TSL Podcast

TSL Podcast – The Ultimate Fighting Mentality & the Mentality of Failure

Fighting has always been an aspect of men’s development. And MMA is NOT Street Fighting. How do I street fight? How to survive in a combat situation? How to win in a knife fight? How do I protect myself and family from an violent attacker? These are questions asked over and over by men and rarely do we find someone with an answer. Ed Aiken from FightFastNFlee does have an answer. This is why he’s a guest on the TSL Podcast. Check out this short clip (1 of 10) from his 2 hour long interview with us at TSL.


Edward Aiken is a Public Speaker, Martial Artist & Street Fighter. He is a 1st Degree Black Belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu and has studied martial arts under some of the world’s best and legendary fighters. His roots are in tactical street fighting combat. He spent a decade working directly with famed tactical fighter Paul Vunak (SEAL Team 6 Tactical Trainer).  His mission in life is to teach men and women to protect, empower and assert themselves in today’s tough world.

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Steve MayedaPodcast Clip | The Mentality of Failure | Ed Aiken

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